Beginner 2 days

Including business development kit, for those who do not know anything about lash.

Price: $600

– Master the basic theories about eyelashes, glue and storage.
– Distinguish eyelashes and choose techniques that match the eye shape.
– How to take off your eyelashes and miles away.
– How to handle the case of errors during eyelash extensions.
– Provide consent for guests to protect themselves.
– Free perm for curling and dyeing.


Day One: Focus on Fundamentals

We’ll cover anatomy of eyelashes and lash growth, the extension application process, style selection, client safety, and more. We include plenty of demonstrations and hands-on practice to help you get comfortable with foundational topics.

Day Two: Theory into Practice

Our focus today will be hands-on practice, applying Day One’s topics to live models. We will cover safe removal of extensions, fill appointments, and more advanced lashing techniques. We’ll wrap up with personalized feedback and business-building tips.